Timber Bridge Company

One of the main benefits of our Timber Bridges.

Our wooden bridges are safe for environmental sensitive areas such as wetlands or watersheds.  We construct our timber bridges from deck level minimizing the impact to the sensitive area.   A typical construction company will not build from deck level.


Load ratings

Our timber bridge load rating can accommodate any type of loading including Pedestrian loads.  The commons loads include 5-ton, 10-ton, HS10, HS15, HS20, and HS25.  These wooden bridges are field tested at each bent with ATS as your construction company. 

Curving and Arching

Curving and Arching of a bridge is included with every project,  In fact, we prefer to curve and arch our timber bridges as nothing is straight when it comes to Mother Nature.  A typical construction company will not attempt such curves or arching of a wooden bridge.


At completion of your timber bridge, ATS as your construction company will conduct a walkthrough for each and every wooden bridge to ensure you are pleased with the final product.