Golf Cart Bridges

Golf Cart Bridges are typically pile supported bridge.  These type of timber bridges are found on Golf Courses around the world usually in Enviromental sensitive areas which requires building from deck level.  Don't be fooled by a typical construction company stating they can replicate these type of structures.



Golf cart bridges typically have a 5-ton loading capacity and a width between 8' wide to 12' wide.  These type of timber bridges are generally pile supported.  

Curves and arching

Golf cart bridges should have some type of curves to compliment its environment.  With ATS as your construction company, ATS is well versed in providing these types of pleasing curves and arches for your timber bridge.


ATS uses Timberlok lags for framing and decking of golf cart bridges.  This new method of construction is superior compared to the other timber bridge options available today.  As a construction company, ATS excels at adopting new technology that improves our timber bridges.