Vehicular Bridges

As a construction company, our vehicular bridges are built from deck level with glue-laminated engineered lumber.  Glue-laminated lumber provides a stronger and longer lifespan solution when compared to other options available.  Our timber bridges can accommodate load rating such as HS20-44, HS25, HL93, and LRFD.


Turn-key service

With ATS as your construction company. We provide a solid solution for your vehicular bridges beginning with your first call to get your site specific proposal to completion of your timber bridges.

Our Team

If it's important enough for you to call about your vehicular bridges, it's important enough for us as a construction company to answer.  You have access to Dan Hughes (President) anytime day or night for any questions you may have for your timber bridges.  You won't find this benefit anywhere else.


Our vehicular bridges include glue-laminated engineered lumber which allows for a quick turnaround timeframe during the construction phase of the project.  This design makes our timber bridges a solid solution for any customer.  As a construction company we recognize time is valuable.